Sunday, December 19, 2010

Google's Zeitgeist list is out!

Every year google reveals the Zeitgeist list which reveals information about the most searched items in the internet.
"Zetigeist" means the spirit of times and google reveals this spirit of times through its search trends.
Let's peek into the 2010 zeitgeist list .This year the most searched items include Facebook,YouTube,eBay,Hotmail etc.Some of the top hit searches were Chatroulette( which is about video chat),Apple ipad,Twitter,gamezer etc.Celebrities like Justin Beiber,katty Perry and cheryl and Ashley cole gained lots of attention.Haiti Earthquake stayed on the top spot for a long time.In the Food and Drinks category Masterchef gained lot of attention and was the most sought after item.
More list can be found here:Zeitgeist

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NEO Cube -Stress Reliever

          Have you heard of the NEO cube? It's more like Rubix cube and can be used as a Stress buster,Brain Stimulation,gaming,time pass,designing and many many more.The difference is that you needn't just rotate it like rubix but move,remove,create and re-create it.
         The traditional neo cube consists of 216 high energy rare earth magnets which helps you to redesign the cube every now and then. It's definitely fun to have this.Take a look at the video.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Water Droplets - Water Picture

Don't empty your water cans in your home until rains comes next season,

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

MTV Roadies 8

Check the cool Song of MTV Roadies 8

Want a Theme song?

MTV SplitsVilla 4 - Episode 1

Check out whats more on this splitsvilla season. Is this more hype than a Roadies?

Want a DVD on the same Something similar from Hollywood?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web Browser for your iPhone and iPad

iLunascape is the latest web browser for iPad and iPhone released by Lunascape corporation.This browser overcomes the lag seen in Safari web browser.Since this was designed specifically for iPad and iPhone navigating through browser screens and multitasking is made much easier with just a finger slide.The Thumb rule of this browser is the "THUMB" (i.e) to make the user access internet web pages easily with their thumb in small screen devices.

One can open as much as 6 tabs for multitasking.Switching between these tabs is easier with just a finger slide.Usability made easy by keeping the tabs at the bottom of the web page rather than the top to navigate easily with the help of the thumb.

More screen space is given by hiding the title bar,address bar and the tab bars.These can later be changed in the settings.

With just one click you can hide and pop-up different bars.

Just hold on a link to open in current/new tab and also to copy the link.Fast Scrolling is enabled.Restoring previous session made easy.

Online bookmarking is made easy with just a few taps.